Overview of My SwingTrades

I felt it was time for an review of my swingtrades from the past 12-months. Remember, that it is with large risk to get returns like mine. I only hold shares only in one position without any diversification whatsoever.

I suggest that you swingtrade with 10% or less of your net worth. With a net worth of lets say $40k. You can try swingtrading with five bullets for $800 each. As this sum totals $4,000.

So, start out with $800. If you get excessive losses of lets say 90%. You can start on bullet #2.

But don’t just YOLO swingtrade with shitty penny stocks on whims! You should swingtrade great companies or companies with a lot of volatility. Or stocks that have both of characteristics. And keep track of your trade.

Hope you’ll do well! 🙂

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