Investing in the stock market is simple. Just open up a brokerage account and educate yourself for stocks and the stock market during spare time. Make 2020 a breakthrough year for you, when it comes to investing, saving and general personal finance knowledge like follow a budget plan. 🙂

Stock Market

I prefer value investing(in the sense of buying shares in stocks below intrinsic value) and investing in growth companies. The US stock market is trillions upon trillions combined by market capitalization. And this week is the week to open a brokerage account and invest every month for the next 30 years!

If you were born in the 80s, 90s or later, it’s no wonder retire in your 60s with hefty net worth from appreciations from stock investments! Here is the best stock brokers and now you can too, take a seat in the stock market. 🙂